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1939 1939-1940 Timeline

September 3rd: Following Germany’s invasion of Poland,  Britain and France formally declare war on Germany.

November: Warsaw’s Jewish population is ordered into an area of the city now known as a ‘ghetto‘.


April: German troops move into Denmark and Norway. Allied troops land in Norway but defence is shortlived.

May: German invasion of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg using ‘Blitzkrieg‘ tactics. Churchill appointed Prime Minister. British Expeditionary Force begins its retreat.

June: Last evacuation ships carrying Allied troops leave Dunkirk in ‘Operation Dynamo‘. German troops enter Paris and Italy joins the war.

August: The Battle of Britain takes place, as the Luftwaffe attempts to destroy the Royal Air Force before the proposed invasion of Britain. The next month (first on 7th September) sees British cities ‘Blitzed‘ by heavy bombing raids.


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