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There are at best very few remaining years for us  to collect and conserve WWII material and memories,  before a great deal of the material and certainly the personal testimony will have been lost. This creates  the urgent need for help in identifying and preserving material and capturing oral memories, before they are gone forever.  The memories of anyone from whichever Nation  in whatever capacity that lived through these times, including as children, military , civilian at home, conscientious objectors, etc .

If you have Second World War documentation, memorabilia or memories – either relating to your own wartime experience, military or civilian and from any Nation or that of a family member or friend – we would be delighted to hear from you.

We have for the last 20 years been ensuring that these memories are conserved, properly cared for, and used in education and research.

Typical items in the collection are:

  • Archives (e.g. letters, diaries, log books, maps, pamphlets)
  • Photographs and drawings
  • Medals and citations
  • Ephemera (e.g. cigarette cases, trinket boxes, soldiers’ ‘housewives’ etc.)
  • Books (published volumes are held in our library)
  • The Centre in addition has circa 5000 oral history interviews and a small collection of video material.

Please contact us if you, a relative or friend has wartime memories or documents, photographs etc that might enhance the ‘picture’ of the time of World War Two held in the archive.

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