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Become a Friend, The Second World War Experience Centre  in the near Leeds in UK  exists to document the life in those times of anyone who lived through the 1939-1945 years. Click the SWWEC »

WWII Timeline

Our Wartime History  WWII Timeline section aims to provide a rich and varied source of information on the various campaigns fought during World War Two and the dates on which they took place, as well »

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The Journal of the Second World War Experience Centre is dedicated to the international rescue, preservation and study of the evidence of the individual in the circumstance of war »

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We are proud to display examples of sets of World War Two material from the Centre's collections. From this section, visitors can access WW2 biographies, audio-clips »

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Navy – Introduction

Cover :- Two stokers are looking through a hole which was blasted in the side of submarine HMS Shakespeare during a battle in the Indian Ocean. For the full story, see Last Post on the back cover »

POW – Introduction

The cover theme for this issue of Everyone’s War focuses on material donated by servicemen who were held in captivity during the Second World War. »

D-Day 75th Anniversary

D-Day 75 - In this year of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day we remember what took place - why not join us and keep these memories for the future generations so that they will know from first hand voices »

About Us

Who we are

A UK registered Charity which exists to collect and encourage access to the personal testimony of men and women who lived through the years of the Second World War and to promote the use of this material for education.SWWEC- Archive of WWII Memories –

What we do

Collect and conserve memories and materials relating to the WWII period and the personal testimony of those who lived through it. Ensure that different audiences have the opportunity to share and learn from the personal recollections conserved in the collection here – enhancing the possibilities  by digitising the material and providing access via the internet to the widest possible audience

Why support us?

These memories will be lost forever if they are not captured and conserved. The events of that period recalled through the personal testimony, documents and photographs of the time are a vital social history, our education is seriously lacking without them. We are a Registered Charity and rely on donations to continue our widely recognised vital work preserving the objective perspectives and heritage of that most turbulent of times on our planet – World War Two.


It has to be a good thing to preserve experience to help future generations to understand what living through those years was like. Surely history students need such first-hand information but when some school-children today do not even know who Winston Churchill was, nor what D-Day signifies, then an archive which is dedicated to the war years deserves all our encouragement..

Hilda Craven

Women's Royal Naval Service :- 1942-1945
The continued work of SWWEC is so important, it grows and keeps alive a vital resource into a past time which played such a crucial role in shaping our lives today…

Kelvin Bell

SWWEC Trustee