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1944 Timeline

Russian forces enter Poland and the siege of Leningrad ends. The Allies land at Anzio and dig in. In February German forces attempt to break the beachhead but are unsuccessful.

The Chindits launch Operation Thursday behind Japanese lines in Burma, to sever supply lines. ‘Merrill’ s Marauders’ take on Japanese troops in north Burma in support of General Stilwell’s troops. Lt Desmond Earley was there

D-Day,  the Normandy Landings take place on five beaches codenamed, Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah in Operation Overlord. US 5th Army enters Rome. The first V-1 flying bombs are launched against Britain.

Warsaw uprising. The Polish ‘Home Army’ fight to regain control of Warsaw hoping for assistance from Russian troops which does not materialise. Resistance finally ends in October. Paris is liberated.

The first V2 rocket attack on London causes casualties. Operation Market Garden is launched to assist Allied troops to push into Germany. Ambitious plan falters and Allied paratroopers withdraw. Heavy casualties and 6,400 captured.

Battle of the Bulge. German troops launch a surprise attack in the Ardennes. US troops are surrounded at Bastogne. German advance falters due to supply problems and air attacks. A month later German losses have reached 120,000 killed, injured or captured.



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