CONTENTS – Everyone’s War

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  • Editorial
  • The Second World War Experience Centre
  • The Centre on the Internet – Alyson Jackson
  • The Formal Launch – Peter Liddle and Claire Harder
  • Scapa Flow Revisited – Richard Campbell Begg
  • Patrolling the Jungle: The Australians before Salamaua in 1943 – Albert Palazzo
  • S.A.S. Work Recalled – George Jellicoe
  • The Diary and the Memories of an Irish Guardsman – Derek Cooper
  • Body & Spirit: Rehabilitation – Alan Mead, A Case Study – Albert Smith and Braham Myers
  • The Log / Autograph Album of an R.A.F. Sergeant Wireless Operator and P.O.W.- Stanley Hope
  • Documentation Recently Received – Peter Liddle
  • “Snippets”
  • Book News and Reviews
  • Friends of the Second World War Experience Centre – Claire Harder

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Stan Hope - W.O. RAF

..first one engine failed over Austria and then the other started to show signs of failure over Belgium. Stan was ordered to bail out, having never parachuted before....