Issue 2 of Everyone's War.

CONTENTS – Everyone’s War

  • Editorial
  • Command in Disaster: Townshend at Kut, Percival at Singapore – Robin Neillands
  • The Mosquito Archives
  • A Jewish Girl in Warsaw, 1939-45: Janina Bauman
  • A Naval Officer Wounded at Dunkirk – Commander T.G.P. Crick R.N.
  • Death Comes in a Day or Two“: Robert Lee’s Account of the Bombing of Freital
  • Archival Accessions – Peter Liddle
  • Second World War Art in Colour: Philip Bushell and Peter Peel
  • The Jean Dunbar Diaries, 1943-45
  • The Truth About Enigma Finally Surfaces – Witold K. Liliental
  • The Impact of the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines on a Missionary Community – Donald Foster
  • A Volunteer at Work: Taping the Tales – Pat Clarke
  • Return of the Captive – Bruce Shand
  • “Snippets”
  • Book News and Reviews
  • Correspondence
  • The London Marathon – Richard Mulvany. Read the article in full
  • Friends Column and Commodities
  • Lecture Series at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea


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