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CONTENTS – Everyone’s War

  • Editorial
  • Americans on the Last Lap to Victory: a) By Land b) By Sea and Air – Dennis Showalter
  • The Race for Rangoon: British and Commonwealth Troops in Burma – Graham Dunlop
  • Australia and 1945 – Peter Stanley
  • Japanese Culture, Code and Warfare – Peter Wetzler
  • Japanese Facing the End – Ted Cook
  • VJ Day and the Bomb – James Cooke
  • Far Eastern P.O.Ws: The End of an Ordeal – Peter Liddle and Cathy Pugh
  • Defeat in Victory? European Empires in South East Asia – Bernard Waites
  • The Centre’s Exhibition in Leeds: The Home Front War Effort and The Defence of the Realm – Cathy Pugh
  • Snippets: The Battle for Manila, a Personal Memory – Roderick Hall
    The Fog over the Kwai – Robert Hilton
    Burma 1942-45, Japan 2005: Demons exorcised? – Celia Meade
    The Mosquito Aircrew Association Archives and Burma – John Larder
  • Archival Accessions – Peter Liddle
  • Correspondence
  • Books: Reviews and Shorter Notices
  • Column and Commodities – Trevor Mumford

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