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Special Features

  • The Death Railway – James Pawlowski
  • My Hell on Earth – Jack Booth
  • A Wren’s Story – Phyllis Puttick
  • A FEPOW in the Family – Capt.Andrew Atholl Duncan
  • Medics in the Far East – Capt. Harry Silman
  • Malaya Volunteers – Jonathan Moffat
  • At Selarang Square – Lt Page (RASC)
  • A Friend in deed – John Leaver and Fred Walsh
  • Behind Enemy Lines – Rhidian Jones
  • A Time of Remembrance – Ken Tout
  • Tales of Friendly Fire – John Pickering
  • Mysteries of Cricket
  • Truce or no Truce? – Graham Bebbington
  • The Story of HélèneHélène Vagliano
  • Obituary – Dr Richard Campbell Begg

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Hélène Vagliano - French Resistance

Hélène Vagliano was the daughter of a Greek shipowner. She was educated in England then went to live in Cannes. The family were forced to remain there when the German armies invaded France.Hélène became the leader of the Maquis ( the French resistance) at Cannes and worked at the Aid to Prisoners Centre in the town, where a colleague betrayed her to the Gestapo....