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Special Features

  • Send them to safety – David Talbot
  • A lonely child – Jo Veale
  • In the Home Guard – Alan Starling
  • Living in the Ghetto Janina Bauman
  • Training for war – Dr Larry Collins
  • Back to Belgium – Odette Paver
  • A child in Auschwitz David Kaye
  • An unusual childhood – Marilyn Pullon
  • Playing toy soldiers – Gunter Wein
  • Life in war torn France – Betty Barnett
  • The Sally Army at war – Ken Tout
  • Beatrix and the war – Dr Peter Liddle
  • Local celebrations – Julia Woledge

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David Kaye - Prisoner in Concentration Camps

In September 1939, the German Army occupied Lodz (Poland). My family and myself had to wear the Star of David. We were short of food. In 1940 we were all placed in the Lodz Ghetto. We had only one room between the whole family, there were five of us.

Janina Bauman - Ghetto Resident

Janina Bauman was interviewed at the Second World War Experience Centre in 1999. Her story is featured here in recognition of the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto and the subsequent uprising.