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Special Features
  • Escape to Sea – Michael Sawicki
  • A Pacifist’s War Derric Breen
  • Project X to D-Day – Colin Kitching
  • Arctic Chills – Alfred Longbottom
  • A Very British Affair Frank Arkle
  • From Wolves to Sharks – Henry Cannadine
  • The ASDIC Magpie – Bill Smith
  • The Canadian Lifeline Hamor Gardner
  • “There goes your Boat!” – John Best
  • Golden Landings – Michael Irwin
  • A Dangerous Trade – Bert Blackmore
  • Ready Aye Ready – Dr Larry Collins
  • The Roses of Swynnerton – Graham Bebbington
  • Sadly “We’ll NOT meet again” – Ken Tout

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Frank Arkle RNVR

First Lieutenant of ML 177, Frank Arkle RNVR

"We were then to report to Falmouth. We found that a fleet was assembling there, and this comprised of a destroyer, HMS Campbeltown, an ex US ship that had been converted to look very much like a certain type of German destroyer. "

Hamor Gardner Sr R/O - Merchant Seaman

The war could not have been fought without the steady flow of supplies transported to every theatre of war on merchant ships. Ask yourself: how did all the military personnel get to those war zones? How did they get their food, smokes, boots and clothing? How did all the military equipment get there? Everything from a carton of cigarettes to one thousand pound bombs was carried on merchant ships.

Lt Derric Breen RNVR

Ordinary Telegraphist Derric A Breen, Skegness June 1940

Derric was born in December 1919 and grew up in Chopwell in the Derwent Valley with two brothers and a sister. His father had died a month before Derric was born and his mother worked hard to provide for the family. Derric was at the City of Leeds Training College when he heard war had been declared, but was initially undecided as to what course of action to take, as his political convictions led