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CONTENTS – Everyone’s War

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Special Features
  • Introduction to Farming for Victory – Cathy Pugh
  • The Agriculture War – Derek Banham
  • A Lucky Evacuee – Scott Bannister
  • Sadie’s War Sadie Hall
  • Nora’s War – Nora Law
  • A Lumber Jill – Betty Radley
  • Diary of War and Work – David Morley
  • Ploughing Proficiency – Rose Holyoak
  • A War of Conscience – John Bishop
  • Life as a Ganger – Bettina Astle
  • Hives of Activity – Brenda Clifton
  • Tractor Tales – Pop Snelling
  • The War on Rats – Marion Short
  • My Secret War – George Vater
  • A Wartime Romance – Elizabeth Shaw
  • Staffordshire POW Camps – Graham Bebbington

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Sadie Hall - neé Greaves - Womens Land Army

Sadie Hall (nee Greaves) was born in Leeds and was 15 at the outbreak of war. When her school was closed and evacuated to Lincoln, her parents were unhappy about the thought of her leaving home at such a young age and for a while she stayed at home and helped in the family business. In 1942 Sadie enlisted in the Women’s Land Army......