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Journal 34 Commando - Cover pageCONTENTS – Everyone’s War – Commando

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  • Introduction                                – Cathy Pugh
  • In 5 Commando                           – Charles Hackney
  • In 11 (Scottish) Commando    – Colonel Sir Thomas MacPherson
  • In 3 Commando                           – George Peel
  • Captive Commando                   – John Smale
  • In 4 Commando                           – Major James Dunning
  • In 2 Commando                           – Captain Michael Burn MC
  • Commando Medic                      – Lieutenant-Colonel David Paton
  • In 6 Commando                           – Dr Alexander Keay
  • German Commando                  – Colin Anson
  • In RAF Commando                    – Leslie Baker
  • Mortar Commando                   – Bill Norman
  • In 48 (RM) Commando             – Robert Maxwell
  • Commando Piper                       – Piper Millin
  • In 47 (RM) Commando             – Professor John Forfar MC

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George Parsons - Pioneer Corps

George Parsons was born in Birmingham in 1919, Small Heath. I had quite a job getting into the Fusiliers because I was in a reserved occupation, I went and did two camps with the Royal Fusiliers down in the New Forest, and then I was on the rear party for the second camp and we were kept back, and then we came to Balham giving out, we were working on, sort of, getting rifles, gas masks, things li

Lieutenant John Roderick MC

Lieutenant John Roderick M.C. Chevalier de Legion d’Honneur

I was 23 years of age at the time of the raid. I took over 3 Troop from Godfrey Franks in late 1941. I had Bung Denison and John Stutchbury as my Section Commanders. Bung, for the Raid, went with one of the other parties while John remained in mine. Speaking for myself, I thought we were a very happily constituted troop with a great deal of enthusiasm and sparkle. TSM Smith, with his Guards traini