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CONTENTS – Everyone’s War – Medics

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Special Features
  • Note from the Editor – Amanda Herbert-Davies
  • The Field Ambulance   – Peter Walker
  • Surgeon at War  Major Geoffrey Wooler
  • Green Devil at Cassino   – Gerhard Kaeppner
  • Medic in the Jungle   – Captain Harry Silman
  • Surviving the Railroad   – Fred Seiker
  • The Sandbostel Report   – Major Hugh McLaren
  • Saving Mary   – Mary Kooistra-Kruyf
  • Ambulance in the Blitz   – Joan Dillon
  • A London Casualty   – Mike Rogers
  • London’s Blood   – Professor P. Mollison
  • Part-Time Warriors: The Home Guard   – James Goulty
  • Hurricane Hero   – Roland Beamont
  • Authors on Motorbikes   – Bernard Ineichen
  • Battle School Training   – James Goulty
  • Never Forgotten   – MAA Archives


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Geoffrey Wooler

Tommy washing for me while I recover

Geoffrey Wooler was born in 1911 and studied medicine at Cambridge, starting his medical career in 1933. In the RAMC he served in North Africa, Sicily and Italy.