BMMHS Vulcan LogoIn a recent fortunate contact we were introduced to the BMMHS,  they host Talks close to their home in Reading, England, several by speakers who will be known to our friends from our own Lecture Series. Whilst the BMMHS cover a wider range, a good number of the talks are on  Second World War. During the times of Covid restrictions they began to present the talks on Zoom.

The British Modern Military History Society (BMMHS), formed in May 2019, as a non-for profit organisation and organises monthly zoom talks and meetings for anyone interested in the military history and conflicts of the last 200 years spanning from Nelson’s era to present day. BMMHS has a full schedule of talks with speakers already booked through 2022.  Full details about the society, our talks and activities  can be found on Facebook or our website
BMMHS makes donations to a range of military charities from its talks and meetings.  We published  several  books available now  Glimpses of War – Volume 1 and 2 and Glimpses of war – The Falklands,  which are compilations of military stories and personal accounts of war time experiences to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK (formerly St Dunstan’s).
We invite all members and supporters of SWWEC to join our Zoom talks and meetings, and to contribute to the future volumes of Glimpses of War with their own or their families’ wartime experiences.

SWWEC will in cooperation with BMMHS list their talks on our website and feel sure many of you might like to attend, even virtually.

For more information click here – BMMHS Events 2022