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1942 Timeline

Fall of Singapore. Lt General Percival surrenders unconditionally to Lt General Yamashita. 130,000  Allied POW’s taken.

March 28th
Operation Chariot – The Raid on St Nazaire,  Royal Navy and Army Commando units launched a raid on the heavily defended docks at St Nazaire. HMS Campbeltown rams dock gates while Commandos sabotage dock machinery.

Heydrich, Deputy Reich ‘protector’ of Bohemia assassinated by Czech agents in Prague.

Battle of Midway. The Japanese Combined Fleet attempts to trap the US Pacific Fleet in Midway Atoll. All four Japanese carriers were lost. In North Africa, the Afrika Korps captures Tobruk after battles on the  Gazala Line.

We look back at the Events in North Africa sixty years ago.

Dieppe Raid. Canadian and other Allied troops carry out landings but suffer heavy casualties.

Malta is re-supplied after Operation Pedestal.

September 1st:  An hour of Resistance at the Luxembourg Post office

Allied victory at El Alamein after sustained fighting. Allied Expeditionary Force lands in Algiers and Oran as part of Operation Torch.


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